New on Speakbox: 12 activities to manage your wellbeing indoors.

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It's always the right time to take care of ourselves. The world's in a difficult place right now, to kickstart your wellbeing, we're bringing 12+ activities to Speakbox to help you out. Binge try them all or settle in with an activity you love, everything is available now on Speakbox.


Assemble a hope box

Whether it’s a stress toy that calms you down or an emergency chocolate bar, anything that helps you feel better in a moment of need can go inside.


Personal care & hygiene

This one’s self-explanatory. Even if you’ve lost track of what day in the week it is, a quick shower is your quick win to feeling refreshed. You’ll smell good too!


Learn a language

It’s no surprise, many people enjoy learning a new language. Learning foreign words and learning to translate them occupies your brain and can serving as a great distraction in stressful times.


Practice goal setting

Use this downtime and practice goal setting to give you some extra motivation and encouragement. It may also help with your daily routine, giving you something to work towards to get you through the day.


Listen to Podcasts

Listening to podcasts can be helpful for self-care in a number of different ways. Like listening to music, they can provide a distraction from difficult thoughts or feelings.

Tai chi

Try Tai Chi

Tai-Chi moves relate to the philosophy of yin and yang, the idea that seemingly opposing forces are actually complementary, connected and essential to each other.


Try Yoga

Lots of people say that yoga has helped them with their mental health. On a physical level, there is evidence to suggest that it calms your nervous system, making you feel more relaxed and less anxious.

self talk

Practice acceptance

Acceptance is a word that is used in lots of different contexts. It can be the act of deciding to live with or manage a long-term situation. It can be acknowledging and coming to terms with certain feelings or events.


Write a Haiku

Want to write creatively, but not interested in writing a whole book? One of the easiest little exercises to try is a haiku!


Challenge negative feelings

Some people find it helps to visualise their negative thoughts as balloons, and let them fly away.


Notice your triggers

For many, a trigger may start with “C” and end with 19. They can be an upsetting word or image but could also be harder to pinpoint. In this activity we explore the idea and link to 5 tips to address them.


Take a warm bath

“I never really want to take a bath at first but, when I come out of it, I feel so much calmer and able to breathe easier…it feels really healing” – you deserve some healing (we all do).

Browse a library of activities like these, journal, and set goals. Speakbox is available free on iOS and Android, manage and grow your personal health journey - Speakbox makes getting started easy.

Aidan Scott
Aidan Scott

Aidan Scott is co-founder and CEO of Speakbox, a therapeutic support platform helping clients and therapists work better together.


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