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A fully integrated suite of tools built for mental health professionals and clients to manage shared notes, care plans, client goals, mood and progress, together.

Paperwork, organized

Speakbox simplifies managing your practice so you can focus on what's important – caring for your patients.

Paperwork organized

Stay connected, securely

Keep track of each patient's care plan and progress in between sessions, knowing all data is safe and readily accessible.

Stay connected, securely

Therapy, streamlined

Create a patient experience that builds confidence and trust by customizing your practice from intake through discharge.

Therapy, streamlined

Electronic Health Records, reinvented

Speakbox Care is built from the ground up to enhance the relationship between you and your clients while increasing your productivity, client satisfaction, and improving care outcomes.


Whether it’s a shared session recap or your own private observations, Speakbox Care keeps you and your clients in the know.


Add time back in your day with simple 1-click invoice creation and client payment options.


Meet your clients where they are. Schedule your appointment, Speakbox Care automatically generates a secure virtual room for you and your clients to connect.

Validated Questionnaires

Track your clients progress using our curated validated questionnaires.

Custom Forms

Request additional information from your clients using our custom form builder.

Care Plans

Put your clients at the center of their care with collaborative care plans. Create goals, objectives, and facilitate reviews together with your client.

Action Items

Help clients stay on track with easily referenced action items - easy to-do’s between now and your next session together.

Consent Management

Never chase down a PDF again. Customizable consent forms created, sent, and signed, all within Speakbox Care.

Document Sharing

Any file, any size - simply drag and drop to share resources or perhaps, a session recording, easily and securely with your clients.


Never enter a session uncertain again - insights provide a quick snapshot of how your clients are doing so that you can better personalize the care you provide.

And more!

Collaborate with your clients, streamline your practice. Discover all Speakbox Care can do for you.

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In 30 minutes or less, you can start saving time with your customized practice.


Invite your clients

Invite your patients to join Speakbox Life on the web to start collaborating.


Start collaborating

Share session notes, files, etc. with your patient and receive their insights in real-time.

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We are at the cutting edge of therapeutic support. Our features are built with you in mind, and most importantly, your clients at heart.

  • Manage client sessions and charting

    Take notes, video conference, set action items, document clinical notes, and sign for your client's viewing when you're ready.

  • Simplify client intake and onboarding

    Customize your practice profile and client intake experience, from consent tracking and personal information management to customized onboarding and starting your first session.

  • Monitor client information and insight

    Keep track of each client's progress at a cadence that works for you, with clear visual analytics and an expanding tool kit providing real-time information.

  • Ji-Youn Kim

    I feel so secure in knowing that I can share my notes and documents with my clients online on an encrypted, Canadian platform. Thank you Speakbox for fewer paper files & emails and more security & collaboration.

    Ji-Youn Kim

    Ji-Youn Coach & Counselling

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