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The Manifesto of a Prior Patient.

Consider Jen. As a fourth year university student, she is juggling several competing demands that are weighing on her mental health. Earlier this year, Jen participated in a community mental health program which taught her valuable skills to manage her emotional health.

When she graduated from the program, Jen received a booklet with cognitive behavioural therapy exercises she could use to prevent crisis. It’s sitting in a drawer at home, as dusty as the booklet with physiotherapy exercises she was recommended for her sprained ankle last summer. Jen is no longer receiving support to keep her mental health in check and she can feel herself falling back into familiar traps.

Like Jen, the only option for many of us is to go to our doctor and get another referral, but we’ve been through the mental health system before. We understand that because we might not be in crisis, it could be a long wait before we can re-access care. Furthermore, with limited time and limited funds, many young people are unsure if they can pay for therapy or fit it into an already busy schedule.

Jen isn’t one person, she’s an example shared by many. What’s needed are options.


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Speakbox helps you live mentally-well by shifting self-care from an end of day reaction to immersive interactions within your scheduled day.

Peer Driven

Our team is filled with people who’ve experienced mental illness and we build on the feedback from our community.

Social Enterprise

We support universal health, meaning we’ll never ask users to pay. Revenue funds innovation, we want to continueally give back  by playing an active role in moving mental health forward.

Never wait-listed

The right help at the right time. Our platform is scalable. This means we can help 1 or 1,000,000 people, daily.

Diagnosis not required

Living mentally well is something we all strive for. We believe a diagnosis shouldn’t be a barrier to tools that help you do that.