Health Unobstructed

Digitally Accessible

Mental Health shouldn’t disrupt your day. We believe activities supporting your overall wellness should be as accessible as your next cup of coffee.

Forward Thinking

Digital access, Peer Support, empowering lived experience; these are just a few of the ways we hope to affect change in mental health.

Problem Solvers

It’s no surprise; the most critical challenges are often the most complicated. We’re driven by curiosity and support collective innovation when developing our solutions.


There is too much to lose if we don’t try. With all the tech in the world, it’s people that keep us grounded, keep us thinking, and make us better.

Our Story

It is too easy to become closed off in our pursuit of a better world. Working in our passionate silos, it can become easy to forget to include others in our story.

Speakbox was born out of necessity.

Diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in 2006, that year, Aidan first experienced a healthcare system on life support. Mental health care was a vicious cycle of wait lists, and life impeding treatment. Falling further behind his peers in academia and the workforce, Aidan logged into advocacy to find understanding through ambitious people experiencing similar adversity.

Launched as an advocacy-focused project, Speakbox wanted to understand the challenges people face in trying to live a mentally healthy life. After 5-years and dialogue with thousands of Canadians, it was clear that mental illness doesn’t discriminate — directly or indirectly it burdens us all. Also, the longer people wait for care; the more onerous that burden becomes. What people deserve is access, not a queue.

Rallying others with shared experience of mental illness along with support from business and technology experts Speakbox incorporated in June 2017 as Speakbox Support Inc. Driven by the values of social enterprise, Speakbox has a new mission, to enable all people to reach a healthier state of mental well-being through health autonomy. We exist to raise up those who care, to strengthen advocacy, drive change, and support wellness. Welcome.

Aidan Scott


Aidan brings a diverse background of sales, customer experience, and project management to the team. Over the past six years, Aidan has consulted on several national e-Mental Health initiatives and has been recognised as a thought leader in this area through speaking at several International health conferences.

Valerie Tregillus

Public Health Advisor

Val holds a degree in Business Administration and has committed herself to a lifelong career in public health. She served as executive director of Primary Health Care for the BC Ministry of Health, as well as co-chair of the General Practice Services Committee. Now in its conclusion, Val has led a Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative, which addressed the lack of access to care for nearly 60,000 children and youth in British Columbia.

Dr. Elizabeth Borycki

Health Evaluation Advisor

Elizabeth Borycki is the Director of the Social Dimensions of Health and Health and Society programs.  She is a Professor in the School of Health Information Science at the University of Victoria. Dr. Borycki has spent over 15 years working in health care in varying roles in chronic disease management, geriatrics, case management and health information technology design and implementation management.