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Meet Aidan

Speakbox was created in 2017 by mental health advocate, Aidan Scott, after having experienced first-hand the challenges involved with accessing and managing mental healthcare.

These experiences throughout recovery, both online and in-person, became the foundation for a vision to make mental healthcare more accessible and open to our communities.

The team at Speakbox works to create a world where people are empowered to take control of their personal health and learn about how to maintain their wellbeing.

Residing in Vancouver, Canada, Speakbox allows healthcare providers from public health to private therapists the right tools to provide thoughtful services to you.

With digital collaboration and client-driven data stewardship at the core of this vision, Speakbox allows you to manage your personal health, improve your mental health literacy, and collaborate with your care providers, both past and present, with ease.

Support can come in all shapes and sizes, and we know some tools might help one person and not the next. We want to make sure that Speakbox is built to help everyone, and your support and feedback will bring us one step closer.

Aidan C. Scott

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Words from our community

Seeing my therapist is a lot easier when I can do it anywhere. Having the flexibility to do things at home or on-the-go has made my days feel better.

Work can get pretty stressful, and I forgot what my therapist wanted me to focus on. Access to my session notes and action items on my phone made it easier to stay organized and focused.

The app continues to change and evolve since I started using it. It’s great to see the team acting on community feedback.

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