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Who are we?

Our Story

Speakbox was created in 2017 by lifelong mental health advocate, Aidan Scott, after having experienced first-hand the challenges involved with accessing and managing mental health care. The collaboration he witnessed throughout recovery in communities both online and in-person became the foundation for his vision. With a small team of friends, they set out to create a world where people are empowered to take control of their personal health and attain a level of mastery over their wellbeing - right at their fingertips.

Residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Speakbox allows providers to collaborate with the public to provide thoughtful care planning and consultation. This enhanced digital collaboration paired with our practice management software allows providers to focus on helping others. In addition, our health management product and library of resources shared by industry-leading professionals can be used by professionals and people alike to make the most informed decisions about their health in real-time.

Our Vision

To create a world with unobstructed access to health.

Our Mission

To modernise the field of mental health through technology,
and inspire communities to collaborate and care, together.

Aidan Scott

Aidan Scott

Co-Founder & CEO
Valentin Prugnaud

Valentin Prugnaud

Co-Founder & CTO
Benjamin George

Benjamin George

Co-Founder & COO

People are Everything

Diversity is one of our great strengths as a team.

We want to continue bringing people together from all walks of life, to ensure that our product reflects the thoughtfulness and care we value above all.

People first


Amazing products can be harmful to public health, if it isn’t available to everyone.

We aim to create a public platform that is accessible by all, without restriction based on socio-economic status and free from descrimination against any individual or group.

Health Literacy

The better informed a person is, the better their capacity to take care of themselves and those around them.

We believe in the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge that is accessible by all.



Your privacy and information security is important to us.

We work hard to ensure our products, communities, and operations are safe and secure for all who access them.

Want to learn more about Speakbox?

We are always working on developing our library of content to help you navigate our product, become more health literate, and find ways to lead a healthier and happier life.

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