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Our Story

Together, we can break the stigma

Speakbox started as an idea built upon the experiences of its founders - Aidan, Valentin, and Benjamin. Although most North Americans experience their own challenges throughout life, it is difficult to confront them when stigma exists in our families and communities.

Even after overcoming these societal challenges, we are then faced with a care system that places people outside of the treatment plan built to support them. This realization was painful, knowing that thousands have been faced with the same issues before us, and thousands will after us. It can be an isolating journey - one that does as much harm as it does good.

Speakbox is built upon the principle of technology supporting people and their providers, creating communities with unobstructed access to health around the world. This idea eventually turned into the elegant digital solution we see today.

We want to empower people from all walks of life to take control of their personal health and gain the confidence they need to manage their wellbeing. Built straight into the foundation, our tools are paired with the ability to digitally collaborate with you, making access to quality mental health support simple, and more importantly, right at your fingertips.

Benjamin George, COO

Valentin Prugnaud, CTO